Technology and science are merged in one when it comes to new inventions. Some of these innovations can cure diseases, while others are just meant to entertain. Here are the 10 most interesting technological invention of 2016.

1. The Edition of the Human Gens

The Edition of the Human Gens

The edition of the human genes is an old matter that has beenseverely criticized. However, it has finally proved its benefits, with a newtreatment for cancer. By making use ofreengineered cells, Layla, a girl with leukemia from the UK was cured. Her casewas chosen because of the ineffectiveness of years of treatment. Fortunately,the edition of human genes worked out for her.

2. Textile Support for Muscles

Textile Support for Muscles

The project to develop atextile exoskeleton has moved forward inthe right direction. In Sweden, researchers have developed a polymer that canbe injected into cellulose to make yarn that can react to an electricalimpulse. It is intended to build fabric that can be used as support formuscles. The invention will provide additional supportfor people with disabilities in a more efficient way than similar technologiesavailable today. The problem now is the size and additaments needed to powerit. With this fabric, the size will not be an issue anymore.

3. Decodifying DNA

Decodifying DNA

Decodifying DNA is something that has been there for years. The real innovation is the business model in whicheverybody will be able to de-codify theirDNA. The model is based on getting a sample ofthe clients and store theinformation. From there, the bet is for developers around the world who willcreate apps based on this information. You will now have your DNA unscramble inyour cell phone. The company behind theinvention is Helix, located in SanFrancisco. They are building the infrastructure,and it is expected to be released soon.

4. Spherical Tires

Spherical Tires

Goodyear is looking forward to innovatingwith spherical tires. The advantages of this innovative design include movingsideways (or in any possible direction), and a better grip. Of course, theyrequire a drastically change the car’s design. Let’s wait and see who is goingto adopt them to make them available to the retail market.

5. Autopilot


Tesla Version 7.0 makes use of the sensors in Tesla cars torelease the autopilot feature. The public welcomed it with a mixture ofskepticism, criticism, and joy. Autopilotis not yet developed to a point in which you can forget about driving. There must be a particular set of conditions toget started with it. Once the conditions are meet, you can sit down and relaxwhile your car reaches your destination.

6. Holograms


Holograms have been widelyused by Si-Fi over the years. However, the technology to make them come truewas not available until recently. In Australia, a group of physicists finallycreated a device to project holographic images. It is a small piece of hardwarethat creates the illusion of hologramworks based on a new nanomaterial that acts as 3D pixels to recreateinformation. The result so far is promising, and the team of researchers at theANU (Australian National University) continues to work on it.

7. Drones to take Selfies

Drones to take Selfies

The drone to take selfies is called the Air Selfie. No doubtthis is an interesting application for drones. You can use it with an interfacefrom your mobile phone, and it takes the picture for you. It is like havingyour personal paparazzi. You can take pictures from places and angles that wereimpossible in the past. Except for the price, the Air Selfie will replaceselfie sticks in no time.

8. Reusable Rockets

Reusable Rockets

The race to conquer space is now making use ofrecyclable rockets. In the past, all rockets were destroyed during launching.New technological advancements have improved the construction so that they arenow reusable. No doubt the challenge will help to go green in the rocket race.

9. The Bat-Bot

The Bat-Bot

Drones were a trend during 2016. Thebat-bot was one of the most remarkable inventions of the year. It is inspired in bats, and the imitationof nature has proved to be a technological success. No doubt nature still has things to inspire tech guys.

10. AI that Speaks and Chats

AI that Speaks and Chats

For decades, people have fantasized on Artificial Intelligence.Now that it is here we do not even notice. During 2016, AI jumped a long stepforward, and many chatting interfaces were developed and released. Theseinterfaces are meant for marketing porpoises and to give tech support. Virtualpersonal assistants were significantly enhanced too. As for speakinginterfaces, China leads. The complex characters for writing in this country ismaking speaking interfaces the most viable option for technology.


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