It gets boring, that freedom that we so much love. One minute you cannot wait for the break and the next you are looking for a break from the boredom. Financially nutritious decisions are the most efficient solutions to boredom so we bring you the following tips to help you stay less busy but time conscious. That is if you think that time is money anyways.



The whole world is in lovewith dogs, and this makes cash generation this summer as simple as A, B, C-1,2, 3, a walk in the park!  When you wantto have fun that is accompanied with a most health exercise, and then makemoney with it. This fun profession has emerged out of popular demand becausedog owners are finding themselves working long hours or away on holidays. Dogwalkers average a good score per hour. It is good business. There are a number of companiesavailable that hooks you up with people looking for the right person to entrust their favorite four-legged friends with.

2. Ebay

Is it time toclean the pipes? You can reduce the burden in your wardrobe and yet make coolcash from the space freeing act. Use your spare time to get rid of anything youno longer wear, use or need.  If these products were not used wrongly oroverused, eBay can create a great source ofcash flow. Utility cash that will still leave you with time enough to enjoyyour summer break. 

3. Baby sit

Are you good with kids?  This is an opportunity to take care of thesekids you love while getting a good incentive by the side. Parents are super busy with holiday parties and office parties over thebreak. They want to do so much in so little time. You’ll have fun and make good money in the process.  If your neighborhood or connection has an email list, send somethingout letting everyone know you’re available to help. You will smile eventually.

4. Printed materials

Youare either making money from printed materials which is either written by youor you may sell your old connection which has lost value (since you haveextracted the knowledge in them). When you write books and it is your talent,you harness your talent and at the same time you improve it. You do this hereand yet you make money so why waste time?


Whatare you waiting for? Why not make some few extras leisurely while you rest asmuch as you can? You are killing more than a bird with one stone. Cheers!!!


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