With the increasing awareness about our ecosystems and harmful effects of fossil fuels in production of greenhouse effect and global warming, people are becoming more invested in owning and utilising bicycles as a means of transportation. Like all things in trend, Bicycle theft has become common practice.

Bicycle locksthat lock and unlock automatically by sensing the presence of the owner arefairly common.  They can be operatedthrough your smartphones via Bluetooth. Some of the giants dominating the industryinclude locks produced by Noke, Bitlock andSkylock. The problem with thesethough is that you have to carry them around.

Don't feel so gloomysince some Korean inventors have found a solution to all of our woes.

Bisecu is a lock thatyou mount on your first wheel and it doesn't allow bike wheel to turn. Theinventors’ idea was to save rider from lugging the device around.  It is made up of a weather resistant Aluminum alloy cylinder that weighsroughly around 350 grams. Asmentioned earlier, it is installed in the front wheel of the bicycle.

The lockcommunicates with the Android iSO app through Bluetooth on low energy.  As soon as the user walks out of theBluetooth range of Bisecu, thedevice automatically activates the Lock. The purpose of it's creation is thatif anyone tries to steal it or vandalize the bike in anyways, it can beprevented.

There are motionsensors embedded in the system which set off an alarm and notify the user byits app.

Whenever you walktowards the bike, the app catches Bluetooth signals and the front wheel isunlocked. Now you can just hop on and continue with your day. If you are notgoing far from the bike, you can actually turn on the lock or turn the lock offmanually from the app.

If your phone'sbattery dies, you don't  need to panic asit has an integration on its exterior button where you can enter the passcodeeasily. The app, on the other hand, tells you about the distance you have already travelled, your speed andslope inclination etcetera.

It takes aboutten minutes to install the device and once installed, the batteries last about6 months and are made of lithiumpolymer.  Another perk of having theapp is that it tells you about low battery. The retail price,however, has notbeen announced yet but speculationalists place the pricr to be between 100-150dollars.

A kickstartercampaign for Bisecu is planned formid of this year.  Hope they live uptoall they have promised to deliver. 


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