Toddlers are extremely cute yet a big responsibility to raise. Even inadvertently, the mistakes made by parents can affect their children immensely and they have to bear the brunt of their unintentional and intentional actions.

No matter howcareful a parent tries to be, there is always something that happens that becomesa tragedy. One of the horrors that parents turn a blind eye towards is leavingtheir babies or young children unattended in cars while the cooling is turnedoff and they get affected by the extreme heat inside the car and some even dieas a result. 

They just areunmindful of the fact that their small trip to just grab the milk from thegrocery store, just a quick jog to collect an order, that momentous visit topick up clothes from the dry cleaners, can be fatal to your child's health.

In the fast pacedworld that we've come to live in, cars have become undoubtedly the most commonmode of transportation. But not a lot of people are aware that during hightemperatures,  a locked car can act as aneffective greenhouse, raising the temperature in the vehicle as high as 120degree Fahrenheit.

It has beenestimated that the number of cases of small children suffering from heatstrokes by being locked up in a car rise to a staggering 1000 every month inAmerica. The amount of cases that are undocumented are four times that of thesaid amount while the time progresses.

Some of theleading causes include the rise in temperatures as we swiftly move towardsglobal warming and rapid climate change.

The articlefocuses on the different aspects of parenthood with special emphasis on childcare.

Oved 4 Millionchildren in the US are born every year and with 90 percent of Americans havingaccess to cars at their homes, such incidents are bound to move towards higherrate.

What isdisappointing is that only 20  stateshave laws that address the parental negligence as well aa leaving toddlersinside cars directly. Due to such conditions, two fathers developed a devicethat monitors the child, alerting the parent or guardian if the child isheating up to hazardous health levels.

“Sense a Life”,the invented device only takes 30 seconds to get installed. The basic ideabehind the device is that a child alerts the parent if they leave their kidunattended in the car.

An auto alarmgoes off when the parent tries to leave the vehicle, alerting them to their toddler being inside.

If not heard, thesecond set goes directly to alert the parent on his/her phone throughBluetooth. But the parent is advised to be only responsive as on a hot day thetemperature of a locked up car rises 10 degrees only in 5 mins. And bodyfunctions and cells start deteriorating around 107 degrees.

The deviceprevents children from suffering heat strokes.

Due toproprietary app, it can used easily. After undergoing successful clinicaltrials, the work is being done on wide-scale to fit it into every parent's carto ensure the safety of children. 


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