We have certainly reached the age when it has become difficult to cope with all the chores we have to get done if we aren't multitasking. We're always on the go, talking along the way to whichever plan we might have in store. But if you're anything like one of those persons who feel extremely awkward and self aware while receiving a call on public, well you have just been given a reprieve.

Talking in frontof strangers can easily become one of your worst nightmare.  It seems as If everyone is eavesdropping intoyour conversations so you either have to move away from them, or whisper inthis extremely weird voice that makes you feel as if you are in a poorlyproduced spy film. Well you can now rest easy as Hushme has come to the rescue!

Hushme is a differentdevice that keeps your phone conversation private. It is basically a comiclookalike mask that you might imagine a superhero wearing, which, aside fromlooking uber cool als muffles your voice, hence no one else can hear what you are saying.

The device comeswith a mask and an earbuds pair that connects with the phone throughBluetooth.  It's covered in a thick padmade up of cushions that muffle your voice. External speakers are embedded in the device that produce a variety ofsounds, ensuring that nothing you say reaches anyone near you.

Next time you'rein a public place or an office setting and don't feel enthusiastic about yourcoworkers listening in to your conversation, just put on the mask around your neck like you would a headphone and dragit to your mouth when you are making a call. The mask attaches to the face withthe imbedded powerful magnets in it.

Although anInteresting device, nothing about the level of it's comfort has yet beenconcluded. We wonder how easy one might be able to feel with practically a gagin your mouth. We have yet to see also if the device serves it's purpose.

But no matterwhat, if you plan on looking like Bane frombatman or want to have super impressive voice like that of  DarthVader, this just might be it for you. It also a multitude of sounds you canchoose from including that of the wind, ocean, birds, monkey calls, squirrel,rain, R2O2 and the iconic Minion laugh. The mask can be chosen from a number ofcolors.

Hushme appeared at CES this year and its first mask formobile phones will appear with a kickstarted ad campaign around May. You willmost probably be able to purchase the mask for around 200 bucks. Whether it serves what it boasts about, only time willtell.


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