Now this post is not for the faint-hearted height phobics as what you are about to see is one of the most adrenaline pumping experiences you have ever seen. This group of daredevil climbers in Grand Canyon, Arizona were looking for a place to rest in those treacherous heights along the narrow valley. They thought for a while and then arrived at a crazy, jaw dropping solution.

 Why not tie two ends of a cliff together to make together a huge hammock that can provide rest and sheer adrenaline rush in one go? So they got to work and this is what they came up with:

The hammock wasthe brainchild of Andy Lewis, a stunt performer and star from Superbowlhalf-time shows. He pulls off such incredible stuff during his performancesthat it seems he doesn’t fear anything at all. After doing those crazymaneuvers, this is apparently how he relaxes! At the top of a cliff in thegrand canyon on this crazy resting space.

The floating bedis 400 feet across two cliffs and it shows the sheer volume of manpower andhours that would have been spent making this adventure marvel. But, while youmarvel the amazing experience it would be to sleep it off over there and justsocialize with other people, just wait to hear what they have to go through toget to that place in the first place!

So, offroad,trekking, rock climbing is the normal that you need to go through in the GrandCanyon anyway but to get to this place, you will need to walk on a singlestretch of rope for over a hundred meter section enroute! That’s right you,your team and just a long wobbly section of rope that can vibrate like mad. Nowdon’t be alarmed as there are many ways you can cross this kind of obstacle andvery safely so. The inverted pose is one of the ways but you will need weeks ofpractice before you can do this one easily. Another motivation to hang on fordear life is that the drop in the hammock is a couple of thousand feet, not toomuch!


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