These days trending the World Wide Web is an old woman's search. When everyone is in their own bubbles, barely having time for observing social etiquette, lies a generation that is somewhat on it's last breaths; that of our grand parents.

Old people are notthat technologically able yet a grandmother using internet is hardly a headlineworthy news. And yet she has become a hot topic of discussion among peopleacross the world.

It is not aboutwhat the old woman was searching it's rather how, that has grabbed everyone’sattention.  While utilizing the servicesof Google, she typed in her request with a ‘Please’ and a ‘thankyou’ ratherthan demanding Google to do it for her.

The picture ofher search was shared by her grandson, 25 years old Ben John, who happened togaze on the screen while doing laundry and noticed what his grandma had typedin the search engine.

He posted thepictures on his social media account that went viral shortly afterwards withpeople showering admiration and appreciation for the old lady’s wonderfulmanner.

In a world wherewe have become accustomed to facilities like the web, Google etcetera, thecallousness of our manners does incite a need to revert back to our upbringing.

We're sure ifGoogle functioned on the principles of human cognitive behaviour, people wouldthink twice before ordering it to do their bidings. However the way technologyis progressing, this hypothesis might not be far from the mark.

It's one of themany effects of “Modernization” that our society currently faces that hasroused authors to write essays like “On Saying Please”, “Tolerance”, “Scienceand Values” and so on.

We just type inwhat we need and expect Google to work it's magic without a second thought. Yetit does make one wonder what has the world come to?

The actualinquiry was regarding the translation of Roman numerals into English whichrepresented the year of a specific television show.

Since, like mostof us, she could not translate the large sum on her own, she'd sought Google’s.

The post becameso popular that Google Uk’s Official Twitter account responded to her inquiryand it turned out to be 1998! Who knew?

Anyways, thewhole trending post also acts as a reality check for those of us who believekindness and compassion are notions of the past.

In the end, wecan say that the 86 year old grandma had the last laugh as she gained fame andrespect through her “Old School Ways” in our uber modern world.


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