Bright Side invites you to conduct an experiment. Imagine that you've walked into a room with eight armchairs. One of them is meant for you. All you have to do is guess which one it is. Rest assured, you'll make the right choice at once. And, believe it or not, the shape and color of your armchair can speak volumes about your character!

Choose an armchair:

Choose an armchair:

Test: Pick an Armchair to Find Out What Place You Occupy in Life

  1. You got: Businessman
    Willpower is your defining strength. You find it easy to focus on difficult tasks and to labor on challenging projects while managing not to succumb to overworking. You're good at making adequate assessments of your duties, never forgetting about the importance of rest and spending time with your loved ones. You are a straightforward, honest, self-assured individual, and people respect you for that.
  2. You got: Spiritual mentor
    You firmly believe that what makes a person great is a selfless and sincere desire to help others. You're definitely no stranger to this feeling yourself, always ready to support those in need. Actually, you can spend the whole day sitting in this comfortable armchair, listening to people and filling them with your calming and benevolent energy. That is why so many seek your advice and value your opinion.
  3. You got: Inventor
    You're passionately creative. When you're captivated by some interesting project, you forget about food and sleep. You're fascinated by truly complex, pioneering tasks and enjoy searching for unconventional approaches and solutions. You don't care what others think about you, and the only thing that matters for you is the incomparable gift of inspiration.
  4. You got: Critic
    You are a sophisticated and intelligent person. Others may consider you a snob, but that's because you really are one. You are fond of witty jokes, sarcastic comments, expensive brands, and friends with good connections. Many people dream of making your acquaintance and would be proud to become your friend. Anyone who manages to garner your favor enjoys an automatic rise of his or her prestige in the eyes of society.
  5. You got: Psychologist
    You are a veritable "Mister Curiosity"! Swarming in your brain are thousands of questions that demand answers. You are particularly fascinated with the inner workings of human relationships, and you simply adore observing those around you. Sometimes, you even steer the conversation in some pre-planned direction in order to make people display emotions, or you quietly nudge them into making certain actions to see their responses, draw conclusions, and record them in your mental "psychologist's diary."
  6. You got: Traveler
    Congratulations! You are a real-life Indiana Jones! Being the type of person who quickly gets tired of day-to-day routine, you're not content with just sitting all day in that armchair of yours. You are constantly on the lookout for new experiences, things, places, and adventures — they are your breath of fresh air that keeps you alive. Even when you are forced to stay put, to spend your days in a stuffy office, in your mind you're still climbing Everest, riding horses in the grasslands of Mongolia, or spending your nights under the starry skies of the Sahara.
  7. You got: Incurable romantic
    Ooh, here we have a typical creative daydreamer! You have an incredibly active imagination, so much so that you often get lost in your thoughts and fantasies. For example, you can spend the whole day in your armchair thinking over some fascinating idea or invention, getting more and more impressed by your own genius...only to forget to write any of it down!
  8. You got: Philosopher
    Oh, yes, you are a fan of long discussions about the ultimate questions! At the same time, you're never boring as you have a talent for igniting people's interest in a conversation, and your sparkling sense of humor keeps the audience entertained. You have the reputation of being quite an eccentric, but in a good way. Everyone values your unique and non-trivial outlook on life. In short, it's a real delight to watch you sit in your armchair, eagerly tackling your favorite subjects!


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