Where do you belong?

Which Pokémon Go team should you join based on your favourite Pokémon?

  1. You got: Team Instinct
    Team Instinct is led by Spark and represented by Zapdos – more simply, it's the yellow team. Team Instinct is all about trusting your gut, and trusting your Pokémon too. Instinct members believe that Pokémon are innately talented and powerful – so these are your people now. Good luck on your journey.
  2. You got: Team Mystic
    Team Mystic is led by Blanche and is all about the wisdom of Pokémon. Team Mystic has all the coolest and cleverest trainers, and are deeply interested in the evolution of Pokémon. It's represented by the legendary bird Articuno, and if you think keeping a level head during battle, this is definitely the team for you.
  3. You got: Team Valor
    Team Valor is led by Candela and is all about bonding with your Pokémon to make them stronger. The team is represented by Moltres and is definitely the team for people with heart and courage – if this sounds like you, the red team is the one you should be choosing.


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